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Cleaning your office protects against viruses

a clean office benefits staff

Cleaning your office to protect against viruses

Removing rubbish and cleaning dirt and dust from your office environment is important but killing germs can save countless man hours through illness.

During the winter months especially, viruses are prevalent, and individuals can become infected by airborne germs or by touching contaminated surfaces.

Although cold and flu viruses primarily spread airborne, from person-to-person, you can also become infected from contact with a plethora of contaminated surfaces in the workplace.

Germs lurk on the surfaces of these objects waiting for a host and can cause havoc as you staff become ill.

The duration of time that a cold or flu germs can survive outside the body on surface such as a doorknobs, banisters and furniture varies greatly. Flu viruses tend to survive for much longer than cold viruses on hard surfaces. Also, it’s generally believed that cold and flu viruses live longer on nonporous surfaces, such as plastic, metal or wood, than on porous surfaces such as fabrics, skin or paper.

A virus can thrive from a few hours to a few days. They can last longer on hard surfaces especially when embedded in the nasal mucus emitted when a person sneezes.

Influenza can survive on credit cards and bank-notes for up to several days, depending on conditions and strain variant.

Your office cleaning routine must take these issues into consideration every day and especially at times when cold and flu viruses are prevalent. Special care and attention should be placed on refilling soap dispensers and replenishing paper towel, and toilet paper when necessary.

Desks, chairs, tables and other furniture should be properly sanitized to rid the office of germs.

The best way to avoid becoming infected with a cold or flu is to wash your hands frequently with soap and water or with an alcohol-based sanitizer.