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Cleaning desks with office equipment

Keyboards and screens

Keyboards and screens are computer devices which harbour much of the dirt and grime in the office.
The screens/monitors are easy to clean but keyboards are a bit more challenging. They should be unplugged from the pc system unit and cleaned thoroughly to remove crumbs, dirt, dust, paper clips
and other objects from between the keys.

Sometimes the keyboards are attached to a system unit by a cable protector or cable tie and this makes it difficult to disconnect from the system unit.

cleaning IT equipment on the desktop

System Unit

Quite often the main part of the computer – the system unit is placed on the floor. Even when it it placed on a desk it can gather a great deal of dust and
dirt as the cooling fans circulate air. The fans constantly suck cool air in and eject the hot air generated by the motherboard, hard disk drive and processor.
The PC system unit should be opened, the case removed and then cleaned regularly by a hardware maintenance team or qualified computer technician/cleaner.

Photocopiers and printers

Printers and photocopiers are the workhorses in many modern day offices. These usually get a good clean by a service engineer when they break down but sometimes they can be left with smears of toner which can contaminate clothing and floors.

Cleaning telephones

Cleaning office telephones is fundamental to the health of employees. Mouthpieces, headphones, handsets, key pads, displays and curly cables
should all be cleaned and sanitized.

Cleaning office IT equipment