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Office Cleaning Service in Edinburgh 101 Rose Street, South Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 3JG Tel: 01315 108 612

Cleaning office equipment

Most office cleaning companies do not provide a service which cleans IT equipment and related equipment. This type equipment is prevalent in most modern offices but usually the staff who work internallly are tasked with this job. This is probably because some computers and auxiliary devices are left running even […]

Cleaning office floors

Cleaning the office floor is very important. Dirt and grime can be taken into the office especially where mats and shoe cleaning devices are missing. The office floor can be natural wood, laminate, plastic, tiled or carpeted. The office cleaner has to use a different methodoly to keep the floor […]

Cleaning office windows

This job is important inside and outside. Sometimes cleaning the outside windows of an office has to be done by a professional window cleaning company. This is necessary when the office building has several floors. If the inside office windows are easily accessible then the windows can be cleaned by […]

Cleaning desks with office equipment

Keyboards and screens Keyboards and screens are computer devices which harbour much of the dirt and grime in the office. The screens/monitors are easy to clean but keyboards are a bit more challenging. They should be unplugged from the pc system unit and cleaned thoroughly to remove crumbs, dirt, dust, […]

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Cleaning your office protects against viruses

Cleaning your office to protect against viruses Removing rubbish and cleaning dirt and dust from your office environment is important but killing germs can save countless man hours through illness. During the winter months especially, viruses are prevalent, and individuals can become infected by airborne germs or by touching contaminated […]

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